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Rafael Nodal

Vice President:
Hank Bischoff

Phone numbers:
877-90-CUBAN (28226)

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Aficionados’ Testimonials

  • ”Swag is an excellent relaxing smoke” (Swag Puro Dominicano)

    Mike – Stogie Review
  • ”if you dont have it yet stock up your humidors with them” (La Bohéme)

    The Cigar Vixen
    Cigar Vixen :
  • ”A must have” (La Bohéme Encantador)

    Lincoln Salazar – Cigar & Spirits Magazine
    Cigar & Spirits Magazine
  • “At the very first puff, the M356 really grabs your attention.”

    Robusto Joe
  • “…hard to believe this is an all-Dominican cigar…” (Aging Room M356ii)

    George E. – Stogie Guys
    Stogie Guys Reviewer
  • ”Balanced and sophisticated” (Aging Room Quattro F55)

    Gordon Mott
    Gordon Mott: Cigar Aficionado